your field guide to
snoqualmie valley


our favorite restaurants

If you are craving BBQ then Buckshot Honey is sure to satisfy. Just be sure to not wear a shirt that stains easily (speaking from experience over here!). 

Right around the corner from the cabin! You can walk here or drive, your call! Either way, South Fork is a must while you stay at the Riverbend Retreat.

Our go-to date-night spot up at Snoqualmie Pass. We have tried every item on the menu and can confirm that you will be a happy camper eating any meal here!

Headed on an adventure to Snoqualmie Pass? You’ll want to carve out time to stop at Laconia Market. Incredible sandwiches, salads, and chocolate chip cookies are all made right in house. Be sure to grab your favorite snacks here, too! 

Our favorite Mexican restaurant in town. Be sure to order a spicy marg or a paloma to enjoy with your chips and guac.

If you are a fan of the show Twin Peaks, then you’ll appreciate this local spot! Either way, if you are looking for a classic diner and great food, look no further! Generous portions are a bonus, too. 

Step One: click here to see what food truck is at Volition tonight
Step Two: order food from said food truck
Step Three: grab a table in the Volition beer garden and order a local beer
Step Four: enjoy amazing food, beer, and views of Mount Si

Cocktails, great vibes, pizza, and salads that actually fill you up. Not to mention, it’s located right on the main street in downtown North Bend!

The best brunch in town, if you ask us. Make sure to order a homemade cinnamon roll to-go along with your elderflower mimosa. If you are headed here for lunch or dinner, you will not be disappointed either. We are biased, but a craft cocktail along with their pretzel burger is hard to beat! 

our favorite coffee shops

Truly the friendliest staff in the valley. Incredible views of Mount Si, and bonus: they have a drive through in case you’re in a hurry!

You just might run into us here because this is our favorite coffee shop in town. The breakfast sandwiches are essential to add to your order, if you ask us. 

our favorite sweets

The local ice cream and burger joint. Half-chocolate/half-vanilla soft serve in a cone or a Reese’s peanut butter avalanche are our favorites! 

All your baked good dreams are coming true here at North Bend Bakery! We have had just about every item available and are never disappointed.

Double scoop in a waffle cone. Enough said. 

our favorite spots to grab a drink

Best brews up at Snoqualmie Pass. Perfect place to end a day of hiking or skiing!

Some of the best wine we’ve ever tasted, and that says a lot. All their wines are named after things in Snoqualmie Valley, too! 

Locally brewed craft beer, food trucks, and hands down our favorite place in town. Volition is a must! 


north bend

Located right off the Middle Fork Road, this hike is perfect for those looking to enjoy river views, all while winding through a beautiful forest trail. Bonus: This entire trail is ADA accessible, including the river access area. We are big fans of that! 

Tucked away on the Middle Fork Road, this hike is short and sweet and honestly hard to beat. Only 2.2 miles roundtrip, this is a great hike for the entire family. The trail starts in the forest and ends with sweeping mountain views. There is a day use picnic area nearby, too, where you can enjoy a celebratory post hike picnic!  

If you are staying at the cabin for a weekend and looking for a trail that is a bit less busy, this is a great one to consider! Prepare to get misted on by the giant waterfall cascading off the mountain when you reach the end of the trail. The hike is 5.6 miles roundtrip and just 15 minutes from the cabin. Pro Tip: Don’t forget the parking lot is only open from dawn to dusk. 

A 9.5 mile hike that ends with panoramic mountain views and, you guessed it– a mailbox at the top! Be sure to bring your hiking poles for the way down- your knees will thank you later. Pro Tip: This is a popular area on the weekends due to its proximity to Seattle. 

The quintessential hike for this area (the local high school is even named after it!) Pro Tip: This is a popular area on the weekends due to its proximity to Seattle. If you are looking to avoid the parking crowd, you are welcome to use the local shuttle service that takes you directly to the trailhead. More info here!

A 3.7 mile hike that ends with sweeping views of the Snoqualmie Valley. Be sure to keep an eye out for fellow adventurers rock climbing off the trail! If you are looking to climb, click here for information on the routes. Pro Tip: This is a popular area on the weekends due to its proximity to Seattle. If the parking lot is full when you arrive, you can park at Tanner Landing Park. 

One of the best hikes to watch sunrise, if you ask us! Just four miles roundtrip, this hike ends with jaw dropping mountain views. Pro Tip: This is a popular area on the weekends due to its proximity to Seattle. On weekends, we suggest going at sunrise or sunset, when the size of crowds is smaller.

Grab your Stand Up Paddleboard, kayak, or a beach towel and be sure to bring some snacks, too. You’ll be sure to enjoy this lake that is only five minutes from the cabin. Pro Tip: This is a popular area on the weekends due to its proximity to Seattle. If you are looking for a less-busy time, we suggest visiting on the weekdays.

Go ahead and jam out to “Waterfalls” by TLC as you drive to the trailhead of this dreamy PNW hike. An easy 2.6 hike that winds through the dense forest and ends with an incredible viewing deck of Twin Falls.

Just a few blocks away from the cabin, you can hop on this 29 mile trail that has epic mountain, river, and lake views. Bikes and foot traffic only (your furry friend is welcome of course, too!). 

Hiking and Climbing

Mountain Biking

Snoqualmie Pass

Skiing in the winter, mountain biking in the summer, epic views and adventure all year round. Click below for hours of operation and lift ticket information.

If you are looking for a full day hike, this is the one! This 8.6 mile trail ends at a historic fire lookout where you are greeted with 360 mountain views. Hiking poles are helpful on the way down! 

4.4 miles roundtrip, climbers nearby, and one epic mountain view at the end.  

Prepare to get misted on this two mile round trip hike! Short, sweet, and hard to beat. Pro Tip: This is a popular area on the weekends due to its proximity to Seattle.

A 7.2 mile round trip hike that ends at Snow Lake. If you are feeling brave, take a dip in this alpine lake to cool off before heading back down the trail. And Pro Tip: stop at DruBru or Laconia Market for a celebratory drink after!   

From the parking lot, walk just 0.2 miles to a day use picnic area with jaw dropping views of Gold Creek Pond and the mountains surrounding it. After a yummy picnic, walk the trail around the pond, too! And if you are hoping to adventure in this area during the winter, you are in luck! Click here for information on snowshoe trail.